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The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Prof. Allen Tough's Introduction to the SETI Portal Page

Hello, and welcome!

I want to introduce you to this gateway page to a wide range of ideas about the scientific Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). There are two items in particular that I want to be sure you do not miss:

I hope you will read my 1986 paper, "What Role will Extraterrestrials Play in Humanity's Future?" (available in either HTML or PDF formats), even though it is old. It presents the results of a long, intense effort to understand extraterrestrial intelligence, and I feel it still stands up amazingly well.

The other especially important item is my 1999 paper titled "How to achieve Contact: Five promising strategies." It presents a comprehensive overview of strategies already being used, and possible future strategies.

Allen Tough

Visit the Invitation to ETI Website

Read When SETI Succeeds (© 2000), a SETI book edited by Prof. Tough

A Sampling of Prof. Tough's SETI Articles:

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