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Futurist, Scientist, Author
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I am saddened to report that my dear friend and colleague Prof. Allen Tough passed away on 27 April 2012, at the age of 76. My remembrance of him appears here. You may also wish to read his Wikipedia biography. This website will remain active, as a tribute to Allen's life and research. Please bear with me in the weeks ahead, as I update its contents to better reflect his contributions to his many fields of study.
H. Paul Shuch, Webmaster

Professional Website

Welcome to the professional and academic website for Allen Tough (rhymes with stuff). He is the founder and chief scientist of Invitation to ETI and also Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. Within these pages you will find Tough's thinking and research on four topics: adult learning, humanity's future, intelligent life in the universe, and the profound implications for all of us.

This website is divided into the following seven sections (which can be accessed by clicking on the graphical links at the top, or the text links at the bottom, of every page on this website):

Hometakes you back to this page, from anywhere on Professor Tough's website.
About contains a narrative biography of Allen Tough (and how the Invitation to ETI developed). Also a detailed curriculum vitae that lists, and links to, his publications and presentations.
Learning describes Prof. Tough's research on adult learning and intentional change. Three of his early books, Learning Without a Teacher, The Adult's Learning Projects, and Intentional Changes, are now available here.
Future explores the long-term future of human civilization. Includes excerpts from his books Crucial Questions About the Future and A Message From Future Generations.
SETI presents a wealth of papers and ideas about the scientific Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
Meaning includes Allen Tough's writings on the individual and societal search for meaning and purpose in the Universe.
Search brings up two fully indexed Search Engines for this website.

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